Coronavirus Cleaning Services – Pressure washing service for Greater Chicago area

A dirty unsanitized, buildings, shopping carts, railings or any surface can contain the Coronavirus; the virus can live 2 weeks on a metal surface. Old world pressure washing, an established cleaning service in Greater Chicago area can help you keep your business clean of the Coronavirus. We offer weekly or daily cleanings to monthly appointments, we have a convenient, cost-effective package that’s bound to work for you. We even offer 24 hr emergency service calls for the overnight hrs.

Many people simply don’t have the time to keep their properties adequately clean, and for others, hours spent cleaning can come at the expense of your business. Why struggle to fit scrubbing and mopping into your routine when  Old World Pressure Washing offers a variety of cleaning services designed to suit your needs? At Old World Pressure Washing, we’re pleased to offer clients:

  • Special Covid 19 sanitizing chemicals

    Coronavirus cleaning services

    Steam Pressure Washing Services – Coronavirus Cleaning Services

  • Competitive cleaning rates
  • 24 hr emergency service calls
  • Flexible, convenient appointments

Specialized equipment and people to combat the coronavirus; cleanup and sanitization

Most of Our pressure washers are equipped with hot steam at over 200 degrees to kill most germs and viruses.  Along with our specialized chemicals for killing and sanitization we are an effective team to get you place cleaner and safer for your employees and patrons of your business.  Most other company’s just use soaps that are not for killing germs or viruses. We can supply you with data sheets for our products just in case of liability reasons.

Worthwhile Investment in sanitizing your property.

A cleaning service like ours does more than just get your property looking neat and tidy. A clean and sanitized  environment means fewer health issues and more time to enjoy the things that matter to you the most. In fact, consider a cleaning package from  Old World Pressure Washing is a sensible and valuable investment in your overall well being and liability for your business.

Other services we offer are

Regular gas station pressure washing will effectively remove gas, diesel, oil, grime, and dirt from concrete, pumps, buildings, and dumpster pads around gas stations. We use high pressure with hot water and specialized chemicals. We have the training and the tools to completely clean gas stations of any size. Our complete gas station cleaning includes cleaning pumps, equipment, buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, dumpster pads, and awnings and canopies. We also specialize in gum and graffiti removal.

Parking Garage Cleaning &Parking Lots

Old World Pressure Washing  provides effective parking lot cleaning and parking garage cleaning in Chicago. Concrete parking lots, parking garages, parking ramps, driveways, walkways, dumpsters, canopies, and entryways become extremely dirty over time from the collection of dirt, fuel, tire rubber, mildew, oil, grease and other materials. Cars, trucks, and people cause the concrete to become sticky, gunky, slippery and dark from all the debris. Our professional grade surface cleaners generate hot water and use specialized chemicals to wash and remove all these contaminants.

Gum Removal &Graffiti

We can safely remove graffiti from any surface using specially designed chemicals that are safe for surfaces. A dirty parking lot or parking garage can leave a bad first impression on potential customers and creates an unsafe environment. Our specially designed products and equipment are safe and do not damage concrete. It is powerful enough to clean and remove oil, graffiti, grime, gum, food, and other contaminants that line the grounds of parking lots, parking ramps and parking garages.