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Indoor kitchens are, well, hot. Outdoor kitchens move the heat outside and ideas have moved beyond a standalone grill with a small cook space. Popular designer outdoor kitchen features include bars with sinks, grills that rival any indoor cooking range, appliances such as stainless steel refrigerators, cabinets, grill islands and luxurious countertops — putting within reach everything to make a delicious meal (or the perfect beverage) alfresco.

A well-designed outdoor kitchen works together with its indoor counterpart when cooking or entertaining guests and complements a home’s architecture and landscaping. Outdoor kitchen appliances and materials should be durable — designed to withstand the elements.

Plan your outdoor cookspace layout with the following outdoor kitchen ideas, which include this space built for entertaining guests in grand style. Homeowners can grill up dinner in the luxe outdoor kitchen and then gather the party around the large dining table nearby. At Old World Brick Paving we can build you a outdoor kitchen that generations will enjoy. A place where you can engage with family and friends in a private warm home atmosphere.

Old World Brick Paving understands that outdoor living spaces have become an integral part of the lifestyle. That’s why they offer expert design and construction services for outdoor kitchens that go beyond the standard standalone grill. With their expertise, you can transform your backyard into an oasis of culinary delight.

Outdoor kitchens are all about taking the heat outside and enjoying the beautiful weather while preparing delicious meals. With Old World Brick Paving, you have access to a range of designer features that will elevate your outdoor kitchen to new heights of luxury and functionality.

  1. Bars with Sinks: Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor entertaining with a bar area complete with a sink. This feature allows you to conveniently prepare and serve beverages, making it a perfect addition for hosting parties or simply enjoying a refreshing drink under the sun.
  2. High-Performance Grills: Say goodbye to the limitations of a basic grill. Old World Brick Paving can install high-performance grills that rival any indoor cooking range. With advanced features and precise temperature control, these grills ensure that you can cook a wide variety of dishes with ease and precision.
  3. Stainless Steel Appliances: Create a fully functional outdoor kitchen with stainless steel appliances. From refrigerators to ice makers and wine coolers, you can have all the conveniences of an indoor kitchen in your outdoor space. These durable and weather-resistant appliances are designed to withstand the elements while providing the functionality you need.
  4. Cabinets and Grill Islands: Maximize your storage and workspace with custom cabinets and grill islands. These additions not only provide ample space for utensils, cookware, and ingredients but also create a cohesive and organized outdoor kitchen layout. With the help of Old World Brick Paving, you can design these features to seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.
  5. Luxurious Countertops: The finishing touch to any outdoor kitchen is a luxurious countertop. Choose from a wide range of materials, such as granite or natural stone, to create a beautiful and functional surface that can withstand the demands of outdoor cooking and entertaining.

Old World Brick Paving has the expertise and craftsmanship to bring your outdoor kitchen dreams to life. Their team will work closely with you to understand your vision and design a customized outdoor kitchen that suits your lifestyle and preferences. With their attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust that your outdoor kitchen will be a stunning addition to your home.

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