Paver Brick Repair

  • Our Brick Paver specialists will repair, clean, and seal your paver patio, driveway or walkway to get it looking new again. We also repair walls, steps and explain why the problem happened in the first place, and steps to prevent failure in the future. Never use a company that say they can repair pavers and has no years experience installing pavers. You want a professional that knows pavers and how to install them before they even touch your pavers. We have seen this end in disaster many times with so called pressure washing companies that do it all.

  • We use professional grade equipment and cleaners to clean your existing pavers with an industrial grade floor scrubbing machine hooked up to a 4500 psi hot steam power washer. Beware of so called paver cleaning companies that use cheap big box store pressure washers. This is a red flag that they have no experience in the business at all.
  • We apply the best available sealants and cleaners in the industry (SEK Surebond) and certain surfaces we roll the surface with a ¬ľ inch nap roller or squeegee to make sure sealer is applied evenly for a high-quality professional job. We are also a certified applicator for SEK Surebond. A true professional will know exactly what type of sealer to use for your pavers. There many types of pavers, which require different types of sealer. There is no one sealer fits all in the paver industry. The wrong choice or combination of sealers can and will end in disaster.

  • We are experts in repair of any brick surface. Our men have the knowledge and years of experience, to assess, and determine reason for failure. We then can provide the right course of action. We have been in business for over 30 years, with this many years we can ensure the job will be done correctly and we are the right fit for your job.
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