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Permeable Brick Paver Maintenance, Repair & Cleaning

In need of  professional Permeable brick paving services like maintenance, repair and cleaning? At Old World Brick Paving we have years of experience handling Permeable brick pavers for patios walks, driveways, and pool decks. We have specialized in permeable paver maintenance, permeable paver repair and permeable paver cleaning. Our focus is on beautifying landscaping and giving our clients a long lasting solution that does not require frequent maintenance.

Permeable Pavers Installation and Maintenance

Permeable Paver Maintenance

We repair and maintenance Permeable paver bricks, give us a call!

Permeable paving, also known as pervious paving, gap-graded paving, enhanced porosity paving, or porous paving refers to a paving method used on pedestrian and vehicle pathways that allow fluids to infiltrate through. Apart from the fact that the paver will reduce surface runoff, it will also help in trapping suspended solids and filtering pollutants. At Old World Brick Paving we provide the following services:
– Permeable paver installation
– Permeable paver maintenance
– Permeable paver repair
– Permeable paver cleaning

High-Quality Permeable Paver Installation

Our experts are experienced in professionally installing permeable pavers. The aim of the paver is to manage stormwater by reducing the runoff and replenishing aquifers. We only use high-grade materials that will not only last long but handle heavy traffic quite well. To make the process easy, we have a digital design service that will allow you to have a look at what the completed project will look like once we are done. This gives you a chance to change the design and any other changeable aspect of the paver.

Permeable Paver Brick Cleaning

We know permeable brick pavers are designed to last long, but they do not last forever. For this reason, we have professional maintenance services provided by experts to make sure that your paver gets more life. This also includes cleaning which protects the paver from clogging and reduces the need for frequent heavy maintenance.
Permeable pavers are subject to sediment, and debris that accumulates on the surface. This can slow the rate of infiltration. This is why we offer maintenance services in form of inspection and periodic cleaning. This ensures that the paver maintains the desired infiltration. The amount of sediments on the paver depends on the traffic. If your paver has high traffic then you might need frequent maintenance. As a recommendation, the paver requires 12 times of sweeping every year if the climate is moderate. If your area receives significant snowfall in winter, you might need fewer sweeps. The frequency might also depend on the clogging resulting from garbage and vegetation.

Expert Permeable Paver Repair

Over time, the permeable paver might need repairs due to breakages, cracks, and disrupted arrangements which result from heavy use. We believe that your paver should look presentable around the year which is why we offer professional repair services for permeable pavers. We use superior quality bricks and equipment to ensure that the repairs last long and do not need other repairs any time soon.
If you are looking for high-quality permeable paver installation permeable paver maintenance and repair services call us today and we will handle your project professionally at an affordable rate.

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