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In need of professional Permeable brick paving services like maintenance, repair and cleaning? Do you have flooding issues with your parking lot holding water? At Old World Brick Paving we have years of experience handling Permeable brick pavers for commercial parking lots . We have specialized equipment for permeable paver maintenance, permeable paver repair and permeable paver cleaning. Our focus is on returning your parking lot back to what it once was and to eliminate flooding issues. We unclog and remove clogged joint material out so that your parking lot can return the water back to the ground table and start working again without flooding issues.

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Permeable paving, also known as previous paving, gap-graded paving, enhanced porosity paving, or porous paving refers to a paving method used on pedestrian and vehicle pathways that allow fluids to infiltrate through. Apart from the fact that the paver will reduce surface runoff, it will also help in trapping suspended solids and filtering pollutants.

At Old World Brick Paving we provide the following services:
– Permeable paver water infiltration testing, before and after cleaning.
– Permeable paver (Patent pending Jet wash truck) our custom built truck is the only one in the world designed for permeable pavers and can do up to 350 sf per minute.
– Permeable paver chip removal and industrial vacuum cleaning
– Permeable paver base inspection to see if base was originally installed correctly or is crushed from heavy equipment and will except water.

High-Quality Permeable Paver cleaning and restoration.

Our experts are experienced in professionally cleaning permeable pavers. The aim of the paver is to manage storm water by reducing the runoff and replenishing aquifers. We only use the best equipment in the industry that will do the job correctly, but also insure your pavers will drain at the maximum flow rate possible. To make the process easy, we also offer a consulting service and will come to you for expert evaluation throughout the united states for a service fee.

Permeable Paver Brick Cleaning

We know permeable brick pavers are designed to last long, but they do not last forever. For this reason, we have professional maintenance services provided by experts to make sure that your paver gets more life. This also includes cleaning which protects the paver from clogging and reduces the need for frequent heavy maintenance.
Permeable pavers are subject to sediment, and debris that accumulates on the surface. This can slow the rate of infiltration. This is why we offer maintenance services in form of inspection and periodic cleaning. This ensures that the paver maintains the desired infiltration. The amount of sediments in the permeable joint depends on the traffic. If your paver has high traffic then you might need frequent maintenance. As a recommendation, the paver requires 12 times of sweeping every year if the climate is moderate. If your area receives significant snowfall in winter, you might need fewer sweeps. The frequency might also depend on the clogging resulting from garbage and vegetation.

Why choose Old World Brick Paving?

Because right now we the only company to do the job correctly in the country. We also can do it at an affordable rate. Our custom built (Jet wash truck) can wash and blast out up to 350 sf per minute of joint chip even in the most impacted situations. Other companies just wash the top of the pavers without ever vacuuming out the joint chip. Washing just the top without vacuuming not only makes it worse, but you will pay us come out and do it correctly. This is why we do a before and after water infiltration test on your pavers to insure you are getting a increased flow rate. Not only do we vacuum it out where they fail to, but we also can get all the chip out to the bottom of the brick to insure all the joint chip is replaced so that you get full infiltration to the base stone. We also can clean and seal the pavers for a refreshed look and give them more longevity in winter conditions were salt plays a factor in deterioration of the pavers. This is almost a must in the northern climate areas. Compare the follow reasons to other companies and see if they do the job correctly.

  1. We clean the pavers with our custom built (Patent Pending Jet Wash Truck) for a cleaner paver look when completed with the job.
  2. We vacuum out all debris and old chip from paver joints with a industrial vacuum to insure a professional job and highest infiltration rate as possible.
  3. We then sweep back the proper size chip in to the joint to allow the water to flow at a maximum rate to the base.
  4. We will provide a before infiltration test rate and after infiltration test rate of flow to show increased flow to the base.
  5. We will pull up an area to check the base materials to make sure they are correct and not crushed down and not impeding the flow of water to the sub base. We will proved documentation and pictures of the findings to you.
  6. We can also seal the pavers with a penetrating sealer which is a must in the northern climate where salt is a factor so that they don’t break down.

If you are looking for high-quality permeable paver maintenance and repair services call us today and we will handle your project professionally at an affordable rate.

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