Winnetka Brick Paver Installation

by Old World Brick Paving

Are you currently looking for a professionally installed paver driveway, paver patio or hardscape design?  If this is the case, you are in the right place.  Old World Brick Paving is a professional brick paving contractor providing exceptional brick paving services since 1993. We have dedicated our time and resources to delivering quality services using top-notch materials and products.

Our team of paver installers is experienced and certified, so rest assured, your paver project will stand the test-of-time.

Our Paver Brick Services in Winnetka

Winnetka Brick Paver Patios – A patio is the perfect outdoor entertainment space. How about giving your patio a different but more attractive look? Our patio paver installers will help you achieve a beautiful design that blends in well with the environment. Brick paver patios last longer and complement your outdoor furniture. Our experts will work with your ideas and needs to achieve the perfect patio paver.  learn more…

Winnetka Brick Paver Driveways – A brick paver driveway is a perfect way to change your home’s entrance. Most people will notice your driveway and walkways when they visit you. Making these spaces attractive is one of the easiest ways to change how people look at your home. Our expert brick paver driveway contractors are highly experienced in providing the best brick driveway paver installations. Besides coming up with attractive designs, we will also make sure that the materials used are long-lasting. learn more…

Winnetka Permeable Pavers – Water can damage your paver driveway and patio paver. However, you can still get a great design without compromising it with a drainage system. We can achieve this through the installation of permeable pavers. Our qualified Winnetka paver experts will use materials that allow water to get back to the ground without damaging the surface of the brick paver. This installation will protect your driveway, patio, and walkway from water, heat, freezing, and salt.

Winnetka Clean and Seal – Apart from installing brick pavers, we also clean them. Over time, you might notice that there are parts that are harder to clean or have stubborn stains. With our specialized equipment and high-quality products, we will leave your paver as clean as new. Additionally, we also provide sealing services. We use the best products and equipment to make sure that your paver gets a nice attractive finish.

Brick Paver Repair – If you have had your brick paver for a long time, or a new one was installed improperly, you might start noticing some damages. Our professionals also provide brick paver repair services to take care of such damages. Apart from the actual brick pavers, we also repair walls and steps. learn more…

Digital Design Services – Would you like to see what your project will look like before it begins? Our digital design services will help you get a clear idea of what your paver driveway or paver patio will look like. You can use these designs to select one that matches with your style and meets your needs. learn more…

Paver Patio
Paver Driveway
Permeable Pavers
Brick Clean and Seal
Brick Repair
3D Design

Can I Get Patio or Paver Driveway Contractors Near Me in Winnetka?

If you are looking for a professional paver in Winnetka, make Old World Brick Paving your choice. Our workmanship and customer service has earned us a lot of referrals. Our team is highly trained and experienced in handling different paver installations.  Call us today for the best Winnetka brick paver services.

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